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Trouble Sleeping? Acupuncture Might Help

Sleep is an essential part of our health, yet many of us find it hard to fall and stay asleep at night. Without quality sleep, you may find that you struggle to complete daily tasks, be productive in work or you may even find yourself in an irritable mood. There are many possible reasons behind sleep trouble and just as many options for treatment, including acupuncture.

Acupuncture can help calm your mind, relax your body, and decrease stress to promote better sleep. It can even help your body increase its natural production of melatonin to improve your overall quality of sleep.

Want to learn more? We've answered a few FAQ about acupuncture and sleep:


Q: Can acupuncture improve my sleep?

A: Yes, in most cases. During your visit, we will assess the underlying causes for your particular Sleep problems. We will suss out if there are underlying issues with hormones, anxiety, sleep hygiene or other problems. Each individual is treated uniquely, depending on their particular pattern.

Q: I’ve tried things like melatonin and L-Thanine and those things have not helped with my sleep. Are there other supplements I can try?

A: In most cases yes. There are excellent Chinese herbal formulas that are available through our office that are not available over the counter. They are very powerful and effective. During your appointment would need to verify that you qualify to take the herbs after a medication and food allergy review.

Q: My sleep issues started with peri-menopause and I have other symptoms like hot flashes and a foggy head. Can you treat all of these symptoms at the same time?

A: Yes, we would address all of the symptoms at the same time. Especially since they are likely coming from the same underlying hormone changes.

Ready to improve your sleep? Book a free consultation or schedule your acupuncture appointment today!

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