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What's In My Medicine Cabinet?

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Dear Reader,

Happy Spring! Listed below are just a few of the supplements and herbals I use at home. If there is an (*) by the medicine, then it is something I either have available in my clinic or I can order for you from a reputable source.

*Bi Yan Pian “nose inflammation pills”:

This wonderful formula is for the treatment of seasonal hay fever, pollen & dust allergies. It is also for the common cold when sneezing and red, itchy eyes are the predominant symptoms. This formula should be purchased ONLY from a licensed medical provider.

*Herbal ABX by Evergreen:

This herbal formula is my go-to when I’ve been exposed to anything from the common cold to a virulent respiratory pathogen. It can be taken prior to the onset of symptoms to ward off any viruses or bacterial infections from settling in. It can also be taken when symptoms are present. This herbal will not destroy normal healthy gut bacteria. This formula should be purchased only from a licensed medical provider.

Navage nasal care:

This handy device is much more powerful and effective than a Neti pot, in my opinion. When I have been exposed to excessive amounts of dust or pollen, I use this machine to thoroughly clean the nasal passages. It works like a charm. It’s a little intimidating to use at first but once you get the hang of it, it’s easy. I bought mine online.

Olly Immunity Sleep + Elderberry:

This is a very helpful vitamin and herbal blend to improve sleep quality. It contains 100 mg L-theanine, 3 mg melatonin and other ingredients that I used to take separately. These gummies have been vital to me getting quality sleep. They are available at Whole Foods.

*Chestal Honey:

This is a non-drowsy and dye-free cough syrup. It is a homeopathic blend and is safe for both adults and children. This medicine should only be purchased from a licensed medical professional.

Arnica (topical):

This homeopathic topical is for bruises, aches, and pains. The brand I buy is called Boiron Arnicare Roll-on. It is unscented. It is best to buy directly from the manufacturer or reputable store or healthcare provider.

*Ching Wan Hung:

This is a burn ointment. I’ve had the same jar for many years. I just keep it around because it’s so versatile. It relieves pain, treats inflammation, and helps regenerate damaged skin tissue. It is suitable for sunburn, chemical or heat burn.

*Zheng Gu Shui:

This is a topical cooling pain relief ointment. It is used for strains, sprains, lumbago, rheumatic pain, pain of joints, ligaments, and muscles.

*Tiger Balm:

This is for fast and effective relief of muscle pains and leg cramps. It promotes circulation and has an analgesic effect to numb pain.

*Dit Da Jow:

This powerful topical increases circulation, strengthens bone and sinew, alleviates pain, and may be used to treat nagging injuries, joint trauma, or for conditioning purposes.

If there is something you’d like to have for yourself and there is an (*) by the name, please reach out to me via email or text 734-288-8063.

Have a beautiful weekend.



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