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Supplemental Services

Cupping on the back


Cupping is a traditional medicine practice by which suction to the skin is applied either by heat or by an air pump. It is used in the treatment of musculoskeletal problems including fascial adhesions and tight muscles. On a deeper level, it can help break up and remove phlegm in the lung. In traditional Chinese Medicine, it is explained that cupping removes stagnation of all kinds, physical and emotional. Massage can compress and stretch muscles, cupping pulls apart the tissues to allow space and “breathing room”. It is a really effective tool to help the body and mind unwind. Lately, it is being used for post-COVID breathing problems, with some good success. Cupping is either applied and left untouched for a few minutes while the muscles and tissues relax (stationary cupping), or an oil is applied to the skin and the cup is attached and then pulled across the skin (sliding cupping). The type of cupping needed is determined based on symptoms. Cupping is an add-on service to your acupuncture treatment. 

E-stim acupuncture on the back


E-stim sends mild electrical pulses through the skin to help stimulate injured muscles or manipulate nerves to reduce pain. E-stim may not be appropriate for everyone, but for many people this painless procedure is accelerating recovery and providing relief from painful or uncomfortable symptoms.

Gua sha tool on a table

Gua Sha

Gua sha is a method of manual therapy whereby a small tool, such as a rounded piece of jade or bone, is used to scrape the skin. Gua Sha has many applications. In this clinic, it is implemented for musculoskeletal pain and “knots” in the tissues.

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