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Relax, Rehab, Revitalize

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Let's get to know each other and explore how Chinese Medicine can help you. If you have questions about any treatment  or if you would like to book for microneedling please check 'Book Free Phone Consultation'

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Acupuncture treats pain, dysfunction, and unleashes your body's energy.

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What People Say

The acupuncture process has been a real eye-opener to me at 73 years. I sought out Heather Sloan for help with a torn rotator cuff. Within 9 months I was able to swing my arm about in a 360-degree arc. And that's without surgery! It has been such an empowering experience and has helped me maintain a vigor which otherwise the aging process might have swept away.




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“When I let go of what I am,

I become what I might be.”

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