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Feeling Stressed?

As of March 2022, we have all weathered two years of a global pandemic. For many people, living through this experience has triggered the onset of a variety of symptoms. In particular, I’ve seen an increase in the number of patients suffering from anxiety.

Along with the mental tolls of this pandemic, many of us have suffered from COVID and both its short-term and long-term symptoms including asthma, neurological symptoms, brain fog, joint pain, and so much more. Some have even experienced possible negative side effects from the vaccine such as ongoing arm pain, hormone imbalance, anxiety, tinnitus, and more.

I’ve had the opportunity to treat many symptoms associated with COVID and there are a few symptoms that stand out in particular as areas where Chinese medicine has proven to be helpful:


-Asthma and Shortness of breath

-Brain fog



-Joint & muscle pain

-Neurological conditions such as neuropathy



These are just a few COVID related symptoms I’ve treated over the past two years. If you have had one or more of these symptoms, you could benefit from an acupuncture treatment.

Lastly, I am seeing really great results with microneedling! For the month of March, I’m offering a complimentary eye and lip Nano treatment ($100 value) with the purchase of any microneedling session. Just mention this newsletter when you call to book!

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